About us

Templato is a company specializing in the sale of Premium WordPress themes and plugins. Professional technical support and the best prices.

Our goal is to provide the customer with original products, low prices and professional technical support.

Why choose us?

Original products from developers
Low prices
Professional technical support
All products are available by direct links
Regular product updates
A large range of Premium Themes and Plugins

Our Values

Service, service and service again.

We provide Basic professional technical support for WordPress, Themes and Plugins. We recommend which plugins and themes can be used in the work. If you need detailed support for a plugin or theme, then we strongly recommend buying the product from the developer himself, as they provide any support for their product. If finances do not allow, we will try to help you with this. To do this, you will have to buy Premium Access.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly improving our website so that everyone can find their product and get technical support at any time.

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